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Cocktail making should be fun.

Elevate your beer tasting experience.

"You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together."

- Anthony Bourdain

  • So cute!

    "Such a great set. It would make a unique gift! You could get some of the ingredients in the recipes included and make a gift basket. Love it!"

  • Love it!

    "These are so cool! The wood is solid and smooth and the glasses are just the right size for sampling. I wanted a flight board like the ones at breweries for home use, but I like these better with their charcuterie feature."

  • Absolutely a dream!

    "I love this board! Super portable and sturdy too! Perfect for the beer snob in your life who must try them all! Couldn't recommend it enough."

  • Beautiful salted rim

    "This is a nice bamboo salt/sugar rimmer. The set came with citrus reamer and stainless steel jigger. Its great that the salt rimmer has a lid. This thing makes the salt rimmer look so good that it's like you're an experienced bartender. I love it so much that I rave to all my friends. This is big enough to rim even my biggest margarita cup."

  • Beautiful salt bowl

    "This is pretty neat. I don’t know why I had never thought about getting a specific container but I am glad that I saw this. I love salt and sugar rimmed drinks but I hate the mess of trying to find a big enough dish and then it is always super slick and if any moisture gets in the container it doesn’t work well. The wood does a good job at absorbing the small amounts of moisture as you are rimming your glass and allows me to keep the salt inside. It is of pretty nice quality and there are a few “bonus” gifts like the citrus squeezer and the cocktail measurer and the thin coasters. But the wood is really nice on the salt container and I am really happy about it. This is probably one of the most useful bartending accessories I will have gotten this year."

  • Fun for taste testing

    "Perfect. Added cheese cubes, crackers and sliced salami to the tray and lined up the glasses filled with 6 types of my husband’s favorite beer for a fun bday taste testing."

Entertaining has never looked so good

Beer & Wine Flights

A fun way to pair beer, wine or whiskey with your favourite... 

Salt & Sugar Rimmers

This beautiful Salt Rimmer Set will fit even your biggest Margarita glasses.... 

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